Julie Jason’s Books

The AARP Retirement Survival Guide: How to Make Smart Financial Decisions in Good Times and Bad

Julie Jason’s award-winning, the AARP Retirement Survival Guide, takes readers through a step-by-step analysis of how they can prepare for and achieve a long and financially secure retirement.  Whatever your level of experience or financial circumstance, this book will help put you on the path to financial security, by empowering you to focus on your own situation and find ways to improve your circumstances.  Julie has assembled an entire tool kit of self-assessments, tables, checklists, and essential questions.

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  • Booklist Top Ten Business Books (American Library Association)
  • EIFLE Award
  • International Book Award
  • National Best Books Award
  • Axiom Business Book Award (Gold)
  • Excellence in Financial Journalism Award / New York State Society of CPAs for her AAII Journal article based on the book

Managing Retirement Wealth: An Expert Guide to Personal Portfolio Management in Good Times and Bad

Managing Retirement Wealth, is Julie Jason's award-winning sequel to the AARP Survival Guide.

A real concern for investors approaching retirement is losing assets in volatile or down market periods and as a result, having to either work longer or reduce lifestyles.  This book helps individuals understand how to deal with the uncertainty of the markets so that they can anticipate, not react to market-moving events.  Whether you're a novice or an experienced investor, you'll find resources, insights, and strategies to make effective decisions upon which a sound financial future can be based.

This highly acclaimed book helps individuals graduate from having a collection of stocks, bonds, and accounts, to a big-picture portfolio approach to managing their retirement savings.

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  • EIFLE Award
  • Axiom Business Book Award (Silver)
  • International Book Award
  • USA Best Books Award


Julie Jason's Guide to Connecticut Probate: What Every Connecticut Family Needs to Know About Probate

Connecticut residents will want to address how to coordinate their financial and estate plans, the topic addressed in Julie Jason’s Guide to Connecticut Probate.

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  • Should you try to avoid probate?
  • Coordinating financial and estate plans
  • Will your will cause a lawsuit?
  • Executor's fees
  • Conflicts of interest
  • For both lawyers and laymen

The 401(k) Plan Handbook

Provides practical guidance for sponsors of 401(k) plans on setting up and managing their 401(k) plan. Focuses on issues and alternative design, investment, administration, and compliance.

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  • For sponsors
  • Setting up a 401(k)
  • Managing a 401(k)

You and Your 401(k)

Explaining all the basics of the 401(k) as an investment alternative financial tool.

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  • Your 401(k) is an investment
  • Choices are yours to make
  • Monitoring results
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